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Abhyasa Yoga

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Bhajan With Us!

We are a devotional community of seekers who like to chant and sing praises for that ONE Higher Being that exists, through us all, making our journey towards self-realization even more beautiful.

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What Makes Us Special


Yoga Beyond Asana

Explore a plethora of Yogic practices & inculcate the ones that appeal to you in your everyday life

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Experiential Sessions

We believe experiences speak for themselves


Practical Orientation

We understand that knowledge becomes wisdom only through practice


Shikhar is a great practitioner and facilitator of Yoga & Meditation. I was looking to deepen my practices and understand the process of meditation. I was fortunate to have joined Shikhar's 5-day Chakra Balancing course, post which I was intrigued to enrol in his month-long Abhyasa Yoga course. I highly recommend Reconnect courses for all seekers as they will leave you with a renewed perspective on life.

- Vishal Rawal
Yoga Entrepreneur

Joined Shikhar's Chakra Balancing course in Dharamkot, Himachal. It was great. I recommended his courses to my friends and got the same feedback.

- Pradeep Rudra 
Actor & Fitness Entrepreneur

I had been at crossroads of sorts in life, unable to decipher the career direction I should proceed in. That's when I met Shikhar in Bir, Himachal Pradesh, and enrolled for his Self-Healing in Samadhi Course, post which I had much better mental clarity. I could realign with my purpose and listen to the voice of my heart. I made my father also attend the course. He had had heart troubles in the recent past. He too benefitted immensely from the sessions.

- Karthikeyan 
Yoga Practitioner


“I can do nothing for you but work on myself.
You can do nothing for me
but work on yourself.”

- Baba Ram Dass

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