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Mudras are Yogic gestures for optimizing the energy-awareness system that we are. It is said the benefits of Mudras extend beyond those of Asanas and Pranayama, helping us unveil and experience the subtler aspects of our living experience (the Pranamaya & Manomaya Koshas).


In this comprehensive program, we will explore various Mudras in-depth, with their specific therapeutic benefits and applications. From the wisdom-enhancing Gyan Mudra to the emotionally balancing Varuna Mudra, you will acquire a diverse repertoire of gestures that positively impact your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Along with Mudras, we also discuss the role and importance of Bandhas, the great energy locks, in your spiritual practice.


This course combines theoretical knowledge with practical application. Through hands-on practice, guided instruction, and enlightening discussions, you will deepen your understanding of the intricate connections between the fingers, palms, and energy channels.


Who is it for?


This course welcomes practitioners of all levels. No prior experience is necessary.

Mudras & Bandhas- Channelizing Your Energies

  • When: 3rd weekend of every month
    Upcoming Dates: Aug 19,20 , 2023
    Timing: 6:15-7:45 AM
    Course Fee: ₹1500/-

    Offers: This course comes Free with a 3-month subscription of Abhayasa Yoga Course. Click here to know more.

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