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We are a happening. This truth is not philosophical but experiential, for as Samadhi happens to us, the boundaries separating us from the rest of it all, the subject from the object, the seer from the seen, dissolve, and all is KNOWN to be one. There remains just an awareness of everything that is happening, and we realize that we are much beyond our mind, body, or spirit; that we are it, the Universe in its entirety. The smaller ego subsides and submerges with the Universe, the Atma with the Paramatma, with all its troubles, sufferings, and stress, and what remains is a moment-to-moment happening, a magical phenomenon that brings us peace and bliss. This is the goal of all Yogic practices.


Practices rooted in ancient human wisdom have a lot to offer when it

comes to accessing our inner peace- this state of Samadhi which is the source of our healing, rejuvenation, and creativity. 


This comprehensive 5-day course is designed to explore a bouquet of meditative tools from different parts of the world; techniques that can help you refresh your mind and body every day by reaching this meditative state of Samadhi. It leaves you with a map so that you can navigate your way back to it every day on your own, using the method or path that suits you best.


What will you learn?


- Cleansing your thoughts and emotions, every day!

- Tuning your mind to happiness

- Practicing detached observation through Vipassana

- Practices for igniting self-confidence and will-power

- Self-healing through Breath, Touch (Reiki), Sound, and Visualization

Self-Healing in Samadhi

  • When: 1st Week of Every Month

    Upcoming Dates: July 4-8, 2023

    Duration: 5 days (Mon-Fri)

    Timing: 7:30-8:30 AM

    Course Fee: ₹3500/-

    Offer: Avail 25% discount on this course on a 3-month subscription of Abhayasa Yoga Course. Click here to know more.

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