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"Abhyasa" or practice of developing your consciousness, evolving your energies, and culturing your mind to be completely aware in the present moment, every moment, is all that the ancient yogic sutras boil down to. Flung in the mysterious universe that functions in incomprehensible ways, commitment to Abhyasa is all that is there in our free will that promises stability of peace, true insightful knowledge, and self-growth, making you a force aligned with the Universe.


And what should the practice, of anything, be like? With consistency, devotion, and with complete faith in its capability of transforming us.


Keeping these values close to our hearts, together we inculcate a deeper practice of the ancient Yogic techniques of balancing mind, body, & soul through this transformative morning online Yoga & Meditation course in their purest form. Starting from practices that are simple enough for anyone to perform, we explore an exciting map of the journey to a calmer and stronger you, one day at a time.


Primarily based on the Ashtanga Yoga & Hatha Philosophies, Sutras of Sage Patanjali & Sage Gherand, this comprehensive and practice-oriented Yoga course offers a holistic approach to well-being, incorporating asanas, breathwork, yoga philosophy, and a variety of meditation techniques like Vipassana, Sound Meditation, Chakra Balancing, and devotional singing.


What sets this course apart is its emphasis on self-healing modalities. You will learn practical techniques to address your specific needs- physiological, psychological, and emotional- empowering you to become your own healer. Whether it's reducing stress, finding balance, building body strength, or cultivating inner peace, you'll gain invaluable tools for personal growth and well-being.


Who is this course for?

This course is designed for practitioners and seekers of all levels. Whether you are just starting your journey into Yoga, or have been practicing it for some years, there is something in the course for everyone.

Small batches ensure personalized attention. 


By committing to this course, you'll experience physical vitality, mental clarity, spiritual awakening, and a reconnection with your truest inner self.


What will you learn?


  • Introduction to Ashtanga & Hatha Yoga Philosophies & Patanjali's Yoga Sutras
  • Bringing Yoga into practice- how to inculcate Yoga in your every moment
  • Asanas- Yogic Postures for physical well-being
  • Pranayama- Breathing Techniques for optimizing prana (life force) in the body
  • Mantras- For further purification, preparing the body for Dhyana
  • Mudras & Bandhas- For optimizing your mind-body-soul energy system
  • Understanding Dhyana or Meditation through various modalities- Yogic Postures, Pranayama, Visualization, Sound & Chanting, and Vipassana, among others
  • Understanding Samadhi or the super-conscious state and how to access it
  • How to Heal Self and Others- practical methods to resolving stress, anxiety, past traumas, fears, inhibitions, and physical ailments
  • Creative expression- How to unleash your creative forces
  • How to inculcate mindfulness and heartfulness and continue to remain on the path of self-realization

Abhayasa Yoga

₹13,500.00 Regular Price
₹12,000.00Sale Price
  • When: 6:30-7:30 AM, Monday - Friday

    Duration: 15 Days, 1 Month, 2, Months, 3 Months

    (Participants can avail of a free 3-day trial period before proceeding further)


    • You can avail of a 3-day free trial period
    • You can avail a ₹1500/- discount on one time payment for 3 months course (Limited Period)
    • Includes Lifetime Membership to Reconnect Abhayasa Yoga- You may continue to practice beyond the course duration, simply till you feel the need to practice with us *(Subject to slot availability). In either case, recorded practice sessions shall be provided on request.
    • Participation in this course guarantees a Lifetime 25% discount on all other workshops & courses offered on the platform.
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